Saturday, July 23, 2011


Dear Baby Allegra:

You've been gone 5 weeks.

Your adoring siblings always begged and argued to be the next person to hold you. For most of your life, I was that lucky person. Do you remember the feel of my arms like I remember the feel of yours?

Your Mom


  1. I almost every day when I switch on the computer go and have a look at your blog; and I am so glad that you keep writing about your feelings; you are an inspiration for all of us how you are handling with the whole situation. Thank you so much!

  2. Ditto. So glad you are still blogging. Look at those 5 sweet little faces!!

    Thinking of each of them and you two, too.

  3. I remember how it felt to hold Allegra in my arms. She was so weightless, sometimes all I could feel was the inhale and exhale of her breath. I think I will always remember her tiny round head in my palm and her long closed fingers that I would wrap around my own. I also loved to put her soft downy cheek up against my face. Holding her was heavenly.