Monday, July 18, 2011


A phantom limb is the sensation of feeling, sometimes painfully, the presence of a missing limb.

The last month was spent mentally readjusting to life without Baby Allegra. There is no longer a pressure to quickly return when I leave the house. No little bundle is waiting when I walk out of the bathroom. She's not sharing my pillow when I wake in the morning. And there is no weight on my lap as I write. Despite this month-old reality, I still find myself expecting her to be just out of sight.  Not gone.

Although phantom limbs cannot be removed, the associated pain is usually intermittent and is supposed to decrease over time.

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  1. Every time I read one of your posts I am profoundly moved. I am learning so much from your family. I attended another funeral this week - a dear friend had lost her mother to cancer. At the funeral, those children were told that they would continue to be nurtured by their mother. And I loved the concept that a mothers nurturing influence goes beyond the grave. I believe that will be the case for Allegra. She will continue to be nurtured by you and will know of your profound love.
    We love your dear family,
    Julie and Cy