Thursday, August 25, 2011


We chose hospice care for Allegra because any medical procedure performed could only delay her death instead of preserve her life.  Noxie, our gentle hospice nurse, helped us keep Allegra comfortable as we loved her at home.

At some point you may need to know about hospice care for you or a loved one. Although I haven't watched it yet, I've read this show is a great way to initiate dialogue on end-of-life care...

"Consider the Conversation: A documentary on a taboo subject" 

You can check to determine if this documentary is scheduled for your local PBS station.

Our friend Loretta, a hospice advocate, is interviewed in it.


  1. Sweet picture of Allegra.

  2. I loved every comment Loretta made on your blog along Allegra's journey~she seemed like the perfect hospice nurse.

    Such a sweet picture of your little one.

    Stay safe from the storm this weekend.

    Keep on blogging, I love checking in:)