Thursday, August 11, 2011


I love walking past our dining room table to see the family photos and stack of cards offering congratulations, support and sympathy.  Despite my current need for visual reminders of our time with Baby Allegra, one day soon I'll put these things out of sight.

Lucky us though because a few families on our kids' swimteam thoughtfully registered a newly cultivated pink rose with the name "Baby Allegra" thereby "allowing everyone to honor and remember the beautiful spirit of a precious girl."  Come spring we'll have this rose plus other special plants blooming in time to remind us of her.

If you would like to grow Baby Allegra roses in your yard, you can order from here in Spring 2012.


  1. I visited your page again and leave it in tears again. Your rose post was on my own birthday, a day that was completely anticlimactic for me except for the miracle of an ordinary day with my little girl. Your love for Allegra reminds me what a precious gift each moment is.
    I am so sorry for your loss, and know that all of your beautiful kids are very lucky to have a mom with such a big heart. My own mother used to tell me that big hearts hurt the most when they are broken. I hope that time brings comfort with it.

  2. Ali, I was thinking of Allegra today, working in the garden. I missed her and sent thoughts of love your way.

  3. What a wonderful tribute! I hope you will plant a whole garden patch to bloom and grow and give great beauty in her honor.