Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 7

Birds are chirping outside.  The sky is turning blue.  Small feet are padding around upstairs.  And I have a little bundle of baby resting on my lap.

It's Day 7 with Allegra.

Seven days have given her time to figure out a few things.  She likes to wiggle her arm free from the burrito wrap and tuck it under her chin when she's relaxed.  She cries when she's hungry then finds her fists to suck.  She makes sweet gurgling baby noises.  And she sleeps with her head on my chest.

For a girl with only half of a working heart, Allegra's efforts to stick around are certainly whole-hearted.


  1. Praying always for more miracles! Baby Allegra has more heart than most of us.


  2. Whole-hearted indeed! Hanging on strong. Good girl.


  3. I love your blog Ally. Thank you for sharing with so many of us your wonderful new daughter and your darling children. You and Mitch are my heros.....Love,Joan Christensen

  4. Such a sweet post. You are my heroes, too. Love, Julie

  5. She's whole-heartedly CUTE…as a button :-) Thank you for selflessly keeping us updated. You are AMAZING!-Lisa B.

  6. You gave your sweet little daughter the right name: Allegra in Italian means cheerful, happy or even bright and on the pictures she really gives me the feeling to be happy and cheerful, but this is really no surprise, she has the best mom and dad she could ever have!!!!