Monday, May 2, 2011


Tonight while waiting for Levi to finish soccer practice, Cairo kicked a ball around with Cameron and Klein.  At one point Klein fell and needed comfort.  I watched as Cairo carried her little brother up the hill, set him on my lap, pulled out the wet wipes and then placed them on a small scrape on Klein's leg.  She lovingly cares for her brothers, but has mentioned she's tired of being the only sister in the family.

We all adore Cairo.  She works to be good and is inherently kind and sensitive to others' needs.  Like last Friday she was annoyed news coverage focused on the royal wedding instead of the tornado damage in Alabama.  She reads to her brothers, tackles homework without complaint, responds immediately to anyone's request for help, likes multiple good night kisses, and often leaves sweet notes on our nightstands.

I wonder if Allegra would be the same.


  1. Ali, what a beautiful writer you are, you should be an author. Sending you all my love as your sister and a friend. Thank you for helping me to cherish more my moments with my children.
    Love and pray for you all.

  2. cairo is beautiful...just like her mom. love you.

  3. Passed by your house the other day and kids were playing in the driveway. A person was in a lawn chair , adjusting a blanket over her shoulders and holding a book as she positioned herself in the chair to keep an eye on all the boys.
    It was Cairo being the awesome big sister she is!!
    Your blog is more inspiring than you will ever know!!

  4. Dear Ali, this blog and your words gives me so much comfort in difficult situations with my two girls; you have indeed a great gift, the gift of writing, I admire your strength and your positive attitude; you are always in my prayers. Hope to see you again soon!
    With love from Italy!