Sunday, May 29, 2011


This morning our friend Kimberly Naranjo, who has regularly photographed our family since moving to Raleigh, came to shoot some family pictures.  While we don't have the results of that session yet, most of the professional-looking photos on this blog were taken by her.  In addition to running a professional photography business, Kimberly also generously shares her talents by taking pictures of families where a parent or child is terminally ill.  She calls this "The Remember My Love Project".

You can read about her project and look at more of her beautiful work here....

And if you're wondering, Allegra is doing well today.  The jaundice is gone and her skin color has returned to a healthy pink although she does have a gunky right eye.  The episodes of apnea are becoming more infrequent thereby reducing her time spent on oxygen.  She likes to sleep, cries only when hungry and is rarely put down.  She is a sweet, quiet baby.

In the picture above, the stuffed animals were picked out by siblings Cairo, Levi and Cameron to give to Allegra in the hospital.  Not shown is the pink pacifier Allegra's littlest brother Klein chose for her.


  1. Allegra always looks so peaceful...
    Your friend makes great pictures!