Thursday, June 23, 2011


Balloons Announcing Baby Allegra's Birth

I napped yesterday morning.  For a few minutes I felt a warmth on my chest as I laid on the bed.  It was the same warmth I felt when holding Baby Allegra on my chest to sleep--my heartbeat soothing her.

And last night, after her funeral, the sunset was pink.

She must miss us too.


  1. Everytime I see a pink sunset, I will think of Allegra! Our thoughts, prayers and love are for all of you. much love from, Cole.Valerie.Natalie.Tanner

  2. Dear Ali and Mitch,

    I woke unusually early and I immediately wondered what you feel today, what your life is as this day dawns. When I realized I cannot know this, I began to reflect on how I feel today, what my life is like without Allegra.

    I miss her. I miss checking for the hopeful daily news from you, finding a photo of a perfect infant whose heart beat to a different drummer, a reflection from a sibling giving reason to laugh in the middle of the storm, a profound experience in a few words, a sigh, some tears.

    You have shown those of us privileged to share this brief, sweet, awesome, sacred journey through Allegra's life that in order to really touch life, we must understand and accept death. Facing death is what makes us connect more deeply to each other while we maintain our autonomy and need for privacy.

    Every word you wrote, every photo you shared remain with me as guideposts for finding my way to a good, full, love-filled life.

    These four weeks on this short road trip with Allegra have given me tools to help me cope with the next loss I face, the next unexplainable life event that will knock me off balance and remind me that life is very fragile and one day my time will come to let go of it and die.

    Your choice to spare her the pain and suffering of futile medical treatment in the isolation of a sterile hospital environment is a banner I will wave high and wide forever. You have set an example for quality of life and love that all of us can aspire to, as a standard in our own lives and for our own loved ones.

    When my time comes, I hope my doctors have the skill and courage to tell me death is near before it's too late to live before I die. I hope my loved ones call hospice, take me home, give me all the comforts they can, and love me to death.

    She may be gone, but no farther than my heart.


  3. It was a beautiful service and her presence was deeply felt. Our family is sending lots of love your way.

  4. What a peaceful and beautiful evening it was. Thank you for sharing a special evening with all of us.

  5. Dear Alison,
    I once again want to give you my great compliments; the words you wrote every day touched me so deeply and I wish I lived closer to have been able to meet your sweet baby Allegra; I will miss switching on the computer and looking for new pictures and words about Allegra; it has been a great way of keeping in touch with you and your family. I hope that we will get the chance to meet again and to let our children meet. Give a special hug to Cairo, she is such a sweet girl, I remember her when she was only 1 year old and you stayed at our house and I was pregant of my first daughter! Please come and visit us again!
    With much love

  6. She does miss you all. What gratitude she has to you all for loving her and for all the sacrafices you made for her in her behalf. She will forever be grateful and so will you. It was a beautiful evening and service. Thank you for allowing us to feel of her love and spirit. The heavens are once again open. What an incredible love the Lord has for us all and what an incredible love Allegra has for you. She will be missed every day. We love you guys. Love, Tamara

  7. It's great that the sunset was pink - her present to all of us. We are sad she is gone but hopeful of her new role in the Pulley family. We will miss your posts and insights into what you are feeling. Can't wait to see you guys. Meg and Burgess

  8. Annie told me of the service and just how sweet it was. I especially enjoyed hearing of your son's closing prayer. These little ones are so in tune with the spirit and he will remember that prayer forever. God Bless you all as you feel your grief. You are a blessed family that our Heavenly Father entrusted with one of His most special Angels.

  9. Sweet baby Allegra sending comfort from above.

  10. Love you. Wish I could have been there. Hugs. Jill

  11. Dear Pulley Family,
    So sorry to hear of Allegra's passing, but she had such a wonderful short life with an amazing family .Thanks so much for sharing with us all, you are an incredible inspiration.
    Carolyn and Howard MacKay

  12. I'm so so sorry and saddened all over again at the news of Allegra passing. It hasn't been a month yet since my Maria rose went to heaven. I rejoice in the fact that these little ones aren't suffering anymore at the same time my heart aches for her. I will be thinking of you often and praying for you and your family. Our lives here are very short and soon we will be joined to our little sweet girls again. Please contact me if you would like to talk. may God hold your family and give you peace

  13. Blessings and prayers to you and your family as you go through this time. She was so very blessed as were you during her time with her earthly family. Thank you again for sharing her beautiful, short life with us.

  14. I love what Loretta wrote. I, too, have been inspired by the decisions you have made about using hospice and bringing her home to spend her short life as comfortably as possible. She was surrounded by her family and encircled with love all her quick and happy life.

    I know that can't in any way change the fact that she is gone and your arms are now empty. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope that you will have more of these comforting experiences of remembering and feeling her presence.