Thursday, April 14, 2011


Despite the sadness of our baby's situation, we still maintain our sense of humor. Some things that have cracked us up lately?

(1) Last week Cameron put a kernel of unpopped corn in his ear.  We went from the pediatrician to the ER to the Pediatric ENT, who was finally able to extract it. Cameron offered no explanation for his behavior and prefers not to be asked about it.

(2) Everyone getting the giggles at the dinner table.

(3) A funny website that posts random letters written to a variety of people. For example, "Dear Noah, We could have sworn you said the ark wasn't leaving till 5. Sincerely, The Unicorns." (

(4) Modern Family

(5) After Klein repeatedly "shot" me in the buns while walking the aisles of Target, Levi told me, "Don't worry Mom, if those were real bullets they'd just bounce off your buns."

I share this so you understand what's happening with Allegra is only a portion of our life.  We still work, clean house, make meals, do yardwork, bathe kids, read stories, attend church, volunteer, and tackle everything else we need to in our different roles.  Although sadness rolls over me at varying points on different days there is still great happiness and much gratitude in our life.


  1. I'm glad your buns of steel wouldn't be Harmed by bullets. What website has the letters?? The Unicorn's note is hilarious!! We always love hearing what is going on at your house. Thanks and love to you guys!!

  2. Buns of steel are for amateurs. Ali has buns of Kevlar!

  3. We had the same thing with the popcorn kernal. Too bad I didn't "discover" it until 20 DAYS LATER. Oh it was a prize for the ENT to get out. But the bonus was the spit wad that was discovered behind the kernal. So yuck!