Thursday, April 7, 2011


These images are from our first ultrasound in December. As the kind sonographer explained, 3D ultrasound images have a clay-like texture making it difficult to capture some details. Baby Allegra does have fingers, they're just tightly clenched into fists with her thumb folded over top.

We had a second look at the end of February. Allegra looked the same, but the ultrasound revealed an excess of amniotic fluid, a condition known as polyhydramnios and common to Trisomy 18 pregnancies (due to baby's poorly developed swallow reflex and decreased kidney function.) This excess fluid caused me to measure 4 weeks ahead of schedule and was a cause of concern for delivery complications. Fortunately, things have caught up since then and I now only measure 1 week ahead (measuring 35 weeks when baby is 34 weeks).

We won't get another look at the baby until we go in for the birth.

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