Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I recently read that Giselle Bundchen, a Brazilian supermodel, gained 30 pounds while pregnant with Tom Brady's baby.  I too ONLY gain 30 pounds during pregnancy so why is it I'm not ready to strut down the Victoria's Secret runway 6 weeks after giving birth? Oh right, there's a 10" height difference and my babies force me to eat Thin Mints (frozen and by the tube), mini-eggs, cold cereal, chocolate-covered peanuts and other naughty carbs in massive amounts.

Despite the food fest, Trisomy 18 babies, even when born full-term and incubated in a pre-owned uterus, usually only weigh 4-5 pounds.  Apparently, due to a brain that's not fully developed, a growth retardation occurs around 7 months.

This difference is noticeable.  My tummy popped about 6 weeks ago and hasn't grown much since.  My weight has increased by only 1 pound in the same time period.  Allegra's movements only feel like swishes as opposed to the stretching and poking a bigger baby would do.  And strangely, this baby doesn't give off the heat like my others did.

This time I may just gain less than Giselle's 30.  So lucky.


  1. It's not always about the weight, you look good and that is what matters.

  2. Ali you are and always have been the most stylish gal pregnant or not that I know. Love the blog thanks for sharing with us all the beautiful gift of Allegra. We love and miss you guys.